Condo InsuranceA good idea and a smart investment

Part of the draw of condo-living is the convenience. It’s not like a house, where you’re responsible for everything from mowing the lawn to making repairs. That’s what condo associations are for, right?

The truth is, condo associations don’t take care of everything. If you’re a condo owner, you may be financially on the hook for more than you may think. That’s why condo insurance from POM is a good idea—and a smart investment.


Do I need condo insurance?

Unless you have a working crystal ball—and can see that you’ll never have any type of problems in your unit—condo insurance will help keep you protected and put your mind at ease.

Here’s what it covers:

Permanent fixtures.

Condo insurance covers permanent fixtures, appliances, and other upgrades for which you are responsible.

Personal property.

You may not realize it, but condo insurance protects your personal property anywhere in the world—not just in your unit.

Legal liability.

If someone gets injured or their property is damaged and it’s your fault, your condo insurance may be able to help cover the damage-whether the event happens in your condo or not.

Loss assessment.

This protects you when you’re responsible for helping to pay for covered damage to common areas in your building or development.

Additional living expenses.

If your condo becomes temporarily unlivable due to covered damage, this can help pay the costs for you to stay elsewhere.

Peace of mind, and discounts too

With a POM condo insurance policy, you could be eligible for money-saving discounts for a wide range of things including:

Protective and smart home devices

Protective and smart home devices

Home safety purchases are always worth discounts.

Customer loyalty

We like to reward our customers early and often.

Customer loyalty
Military and first responders

Military and first responders

We salute you! Available to veterans, active and non-active military members, law enforcement personnel, firefighters and EMTs.

Mature homeowners (age 55+)

Age is just a number—and a way to save.

Mature homeowners (age 55+)
Higher deductibles

Higher deductibles

Another reason to protect your home with POM.


Make your policy your own

POM offers a wide range of condo insurance coverage enhancements that give you the power to pick and choose the protections you need, based on your unique situation.

Available enhancements include:

Valuable possessions

Your policy can cover items such as jewelry, silverware, fine art, money, electronics, credit cards and more.

Identity Theft protection.

If your ID is stolen, this provides theft resolution service, credit protection and document recovery.

Home business

The protection you need for your home business, under the same policy that insures your home.

Resident companion

This broadens your renters policy to include coverage for your significant other if they are permanently living with you.

Equipment breakdown.

This endorsement provides coverage for property and home systems damaged by mechanical or electrical breakdowns.

Water Backup from Sewers / Drain and Sump Pump

When your property is damaged from sewage that is backed up through a sewer or septic system and/or damaged by sub-surface water that overflows from the sump pump well when the sump pump fails, you can be covered.

Extended Coverage for Personal Property.

If it is not specifically excluded in the policy, then it is covered. It’s that simple.

POM, a member of the Franklin Mutual Insurance Group, offers condo insurance policies to unit owners in Pennsylvania.

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