Welcome to POM.

It stands for Peace of Mind. For us, that’s more than a catchy name. It’s our entire way of doing business.

Everything we do is designed for your peace of mind. That means:

  • Offering robust homeowners policies to meet your coverage needs.
  • Streamlining processes so you can confidently find the policy you need quickly and easily.
  • Making sure your needs are met, and your questions are answered.
  • Innovative products and services that promote your safety and protection like POM HomeAssist.

A New Approach to Protection

POM is a member of Franklin Mutual Insurance Group, a group that has been in business for over 140 years. We created POM to give customers a new approach to protection, with a more agile and innovative way to find and purchase insurance, and a focus on safety and prevention so you can enjoy your home with peace of mind. At the same time, our customers get the established track record of a company that knows the industry and can be trusted to protect your home.

We want you to know we're a mutual insurance group

  • This means we’re in this together.
  • The group is owned by the policyholders, not by a big corporation.
  • Our primary responsibility and loyalty is to you, our policyholders.

POM Values


As a member of the Franklin Mutual Insurance Group, we are committed to policyholders not stockholders.


This commitment requires dedication to a strong ethical culture, excellent customer service, consistency in the marketplace and financial strength.


Valued benefits include exceptional coverage options, competitive pricing, and fair and efficient claim settlements, all delivered by an engaged and competent team.


The communities we work in and serve will be stronger, more compassionate and more environmentally sound through our efforts and contributions.